Troy Polamalu Taking Leadership Role At OTAs

Troy Polamalu OTAs

Troy Polamalu made a surpirse appearance at the Steelers’ OTAs which started Tuesday. Polamalu, a veteran pro bowl safety usually absents himself from non-mandatory offseason workouts, preferring to train with his own trainers out in Southern California. But he was in the building on Tuesday to lend his support and leadership to the team and new players.

Polamalu cited the loss of veteran players like James Farrior, Aaron Smith and Chris Hoke as his reason for showing up to OTAs.

“For obvious reasons, we had some major leadership leave, people who we can count on, and I think it is nice for the young guys to see a familiar face,” Polamalu said. “It is nice to be around the team and nice to get out and play some football. I am here to support all my teammates.”

Coach Mike Tomlin acknowledged the importance of all team leaders to be present during the OTAs, especially with an influx of new players.

“It’s important for as many people as possible to be here because we acknowledge that we’re building chemistry and, to a degree, you can’t measure it, and it’s a significant part of team building,” Tomlin said.

In his typically modest way, he denies being any type of leader on the team.

“I really don’t think anybody really steps into those types of roles and gets out of character that’s within their own character,” Polamalu said. “Yeah, I am definitely not a vocal leader, if a leader at all.”

I think it’s great that Troy showed up. It just shows the other veterans and new guys out there that he’s a team player and a leader (despite what he says). Though he may not be loud and in your face, he is the type of person that leads by example, and the rookies would do well to listen, watch and learn.

Source: Tribune Review

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