Hines Ward Handcuffed at Gunpoint

A scary misunderstanding took place Thursday morning in LA, when Hines Ward was handcuffed and gunpoint by police after the car he was a passenger in was pulled over. Police ran the license plate and the car showed up as stolen. However, the unnamed female driver of the car is the one who reported it stolen after a prior incident at with a valet, and did not report back to police to tell them she got her car back (whoops). Both the driver and Hines were let go without further incident. Give Hines credit for not going off on police after the situation, instead he had this to say on his facebook account:

To my fans,
The incident in the news that involved me getting pulled over. I want everyone to know that this was a complete misunderstanding. The police were just doing their job. Apologies were made and it’s now in the past. Moving forward…Hines

Click Here to Read More on the Incident (TMZ)

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